Bitcoin halving results from the law of demand and supply, read about it on the Change Now website

It is very important to know that Bitcoin halving 2020, is generated by the law of supply and demand, while there are more blocks of miners buying Bitcoin, to pay for their services and products, the cost of Bitcoin falls, because there are not enough in the market.

It is not like in the conventional bank, that at any time they can print money, if they need it, instead, generating more Bitcoin is a mystery for those who day to day is related to it.
The Bitcoin currency or cryptocurrency, which is commonly known, is limited to 21 million BTC (Bitcoin). For every 210,000 blocks added to the blockchain, the rewards reduce to 50%, that is, a Bitcoin suffers halving, for such demand you have.
Nevertheless, one of the consequences that this event can bring, is that Bitcoin is generated much faster, which has no end, this will generate so much Bitcoin that its value will be better every time, that’s why experts point out that it is not so favorable this bitcoin halving.
Bitcoin halving 2020, this event occurs in four years. However, they do not know what to expect this year; the first time they were the same, nobody knew, but it was favorable in the costs of Bitcoin.
And in the second, reduction of the Ethereum currency was generated, once again favoring the miners who make up the existing blocks.
So, from previous experiences, he says that many expect positive responses, in this new period, as, since the reduction, Bitcoin will be scarcer. Therefore its price will be favorable for all those belonging to the blocks.
Some experts are concerned about the disputes that have been generated between the miners belonging to the conformed blocks. At the same time, the results of this reduction are awaited, this website invites you to invest your BTC, or make exchanges for different existing currencies, find out soon!
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Posted on April 15, 2020