Monday, December 11, 2023

Biden Admin Admits 5K Illegals Released Daily, 670K Known ‘Gotaways’ in FY23 Alone

'The invasion continues, and it's by design...'

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) The Biden administration told Congress on Friday that an average of 5,000 illegal immigrants is released daily at the southern border, with at least 670,000 individuals known as “‘gotaways’” (approximately half the population of Hawaii) having evaded border authorities in fiscal year 2023 alone. 

As reported by Fox News, DHS officials made the telling admission during a briefing with the House and Senate Judiciary committees, the House and Senate Homeland Security committees and the Arizona congressional delegation.

Officials stated that these immigrants are handed over to non-governmental organizations, which then aid them in reaching their final destinations.

At the current rate, an estimated total of 1.8 million illegal aliens might have entered the U.S. by the end of the fiscal year, Fox reported. 

The process involving alleged refugee seekers has also seen an increase, with an average of 1,600 individuals using the controversial CBP One app to apply for refugee status. Notably, DHS officials reportedly informed Congress that immigrants from at least 150 countries have been encountered at the border. 

During the briefing, DHS officials were questioned about the actions, if any, being taken by the Biden administration to prevent illegal aliens from openly using trains to cross the southern border.

However, one official expressed that the “safety and security” of illegal aliens riding trains was “a major concern” but did not provide any details regarding potential efforts to block this method of entry.

These new revelations emerge as critics raise alarms about the frequent appearance of videos depicting a high number of individuals described as “military-aged” men being apprehended at the southern border. 

In a striking development, Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., proposed a controversial idea of allowing some of these illegal aliens to join the U.S. military. 

“Do you know what the recruiting numbers are at the Army, Navy and Air Force? They can’t find enough people. And there are undocumented people who want to serve this country. Should we give them the chance? I think we should,” Durbin said during a now-viral speech on the Senate floor.

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